Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Birthday and Mothers Day

This last month has been kinda a whirlwind! Having a baby, My Birthday and Mothers Day. Let me tell you i have been So So spoiled! Moana has been so awesome! He has helped me so much! For my Birthday He and the kids got me an awesome Patio Furniture Set. I have been wanting one for a long time and just never got around to getting one. They had it all set up for me when i got home. Then Moana and I went out to eat at my Favorite Italian Restaurant. Pasta Plus, Doesn't sound like anything special but it is awesome! Real authentic italian food. It opens at 5, we got there at 5:15 and there was already a line out the door. 45 min wait was so worth it! The food is so good! Then we came home and Moana sent me out shopping by my self! :) it was so nice! 

Mothers Day! On friday he called home and asked me to think of something we could get our employees for mothers day. So i asked him what his budget was for that and i gave him a few options i could think of off the top of my head. One being a fruit bouquet. He said No people don't really like those do they... I LOVE them. Especially the Strawberries! By this time he was already home and had already gotten me Strawberries! Then he told me he just did gift cards for the ladies in his office! Which made the strawberries that much sweeter knowing that he got them just for me :)  Then on Sunday he and the kids made EVERY meal for me. AND cleaned it up! it was really nice i got to relax and eat good food and not have to prepare or clean it up.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Moana Work Christmas Party

We have had a great year. We have some great employees! They did a gift exchange and then we went to an all you can eat fancy Chinese buffet that was so so good. Then bowling. It was a lot if fun.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Aaliyah's 3rd Birthday Weekend

So our little princess is now 3 :(. She is 3 years more sassy, happy, snappy, loving, cheerful, upbeat and beautiful. Here is a little taste of what we've been up to. First off, we asked Aaliyah where she would like to go out and eat and she said, uuuuuuuhhh......uuuuuuuhhh, and then her very helpful older brother chimed in and said, "Aaliyah, you want to go to Golden Corral... It's your favorite.. Remember... The ice cream and chocolate fountain, cotton and fruit and food?" Long story short, Teagan talked her into agreeing. True salesman. They had a lot of fun and food there :) Later we all went to watch Wreck it Ralph. Now she has 2 more days to do even more :). We love you AALIYAH!!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bus Rider!

Teagan today rode the bus for the first time! He loved it! He is getting so big, I can't believe it :)

Art Class

These two just love to paint! They both know all their colors very well, Teagan knows how to make all the colors from the primary colors. He talks about it all the time with other things like play dough and markers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Family Pictures

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teagans 4th Birthday

I can't believe Teagan is 4. He is such a blessing to have in our life! I am so lucky to be his mom!
For his Birthday we celebrated with lots of friends. Sadly no family, but lots and lots of friends. There were over 35 kids that came. It was pretty crazy . Besides the wind blowing EVERYTHING over it was great weather. Teagan had a great time. MOANA came on his lunch break, such a great dad! Then we went to eat at Golden Coral (Teagans choice). It was a great day.